The greatest we can offer to this world is rooted in discipline. Discipline is what allows our true self to shine out through the darkness of insecurity and fear. Our creativity nature will blossom if we consistently place ourselves in the correct environments to grow and learn.

Creativity is the use of our imagination or original ideas to create something. When we don’t feel confident in ourselves, this is difficult to do. It requires that we have an utter belief in ourselves and our capabilities. We have to trust ourselves like no body else can.

Creativity is about learning from others and adding an inventive flair to what already exists, not re-inventing the wheel. To do so, we have to be aware that others will speak to us and provide information to us that is based on their limits – not ours. It can be dangerous to listen to these because our limits are likely much different. Many people set their limits so low that they can easily reach them – but they will never truly experience the fulfilment of reaching a goal they never thought possible – that’s where creativity breeds.

So why do we have to be so disciplined to be creative? It’s mainly so that we can persevere despite the challenges. We need to train ourselves in resilience because creativity does not come over night and without its hurdles. We need to realise that creativity is a bit of a guess-and-check model.

We think a thought – something that has the potential to be innovative and we continue to research it. We research it to the point where we truly believe it cannot be disproven. That’s the point where a fire starts to burn in our belly and we become more driven. What we have read and researched seems to hold true – and this is one of our original thoughts.

So, we start to put it in to practice, experiment with it and see how it works. To our knowledge it should work. Now that we have laid the ground work in doing our research and believing fully in our research we are more likely to continue persevering through our challenges. We are driven by the potential that we can succeed and we will stop at nothing to get there.

We can be freely creativity and we are confident to do so. Discipline is a pathway to creativity.


~ Adam, 2019

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  1. jenanita01 says:

    Discipline is a much maligned and misunderstood word. It is simply the act of doing something, instead of just thinking about it… Maybe a better word would inspire us more?

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    1. This is a very true insight. It might be something to consider for me in my future writing. What extra element of explanation is needed? If discipline means to consistently make action, do you have a suggested word so I can grasp more of an understanding on your view. Thanks 🙂


      1. jenanita01 says:

        To me, discipline is more about ambition and dedication… does that help?

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