Thank you to Clayton Jennings for sharing this uplifting work and much much more. An inspiring and empathy drawing video. This is one of the most honest and open representations of how we can feel about anxiety and the thoughts that sometimes control us. This a representation of perseverance beyond the demons of anxiety that can face us.

Sometimes we have so many thoughts to share but the words just won’t come out. Have courage to speak up in need. That’s where true strength lies.



  1. That was powerful and uplifting. Can’t wait to share this with others. The message is hopeful and a true representation of what the healing process looks like. Thank you.

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    1. My pleasure to share. I’m glad it helped. The man who creates these videos is an inspiration of mine also. Thanks for the insight!

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  2. Wow that was powerful-I can really relate to Clayton’s feelings of just being done. Anxiety wears you down so much.

    I thought it was interesting that he didn’t want to share at the end. Do you think that’s saying he doesn’t find support groups helpful? Or that he doesn’t need it because he has God to speak to?

    Or maybe he’s saying if you don’t speak up in a support group you might not get much out of it? Idk, I’m curious what other’s interpretations of that part are.

    Thanks for sharing I really needed this today 💖

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    1. Thanks for engaging Maria! I love all of these questions and insights.

      I agree, I think there could be many interpretations of this piece.

      What I think personally is that Clayton was expressing the power that sharing our story has to inspire others.

      However, by not sharing at the end he also wanted to highlight the nature of anxiety, and how it can force us to believe that our story should not be shared. He wants to make viewers aware that not sharing means others miss out also.

      But, it’s also interesting – maybe his faith is driving him. Maybe he has built a personal relationship with God that is fostering his growth.

      I’d love to hear more of what you think, such and important topic!

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      1. I tend to agree with you about how Clayton was highlighting how anxiety can keep you silent.

        I think he’s also pointing out that remaining silent also happens more to men who are told to be less expressive. The fact that he’s wearing a traditionally gendered outfit and presents as the typical “manly” guy reinforces that.

        I loved all the levels in this piece. Again, really amazing share-I’ll be following Clayton for sure after this!

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      2. Yes, another great insight. The message needs to be made clearer to men that it’s not weak to speak.

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