What we think, is what we are. Our thoughts can be equally as helpful to our development as they can be detrimental. These can be thoughts of our own self image, of others and of the world around us. Our thoughts can be the difference between seeing hills or mountains or between seeing man and giant, or in some cases our thoughts can present the difference between winning and losing. That can seem scary, but oh it’s so powerful. Trust me.

Our thoughts can be the difference between seeing hills or mountains

Ever struggled to get out of bed before as a lot of people do because you can’t bare to face the day that’s ahead? To have to struggle through challenges you feel you have no control over. From the get go your day is already filled with negative thoughts and you have suppressed your ability to make the first action of your day a positive one, and you are now rushing to get to work or late for work, a place you never really wanted to go in the first place when you woke up, right?

So why is it that we find ourselves rushing to places we don’t want to be or have envisioned avoiding countless times?

The truth is, the majority of the time, these are places we really do want to be but we have connected the wrong incentives to them – we’re not being true to ourselves, and this is why. We believe that we are going to work to save money, or to support our family and pay our bills, but this is a limiting ideology. Whilst these are benefits that come from the work that we do, we should not use them as the main reason. If and when we do this we grow into a cycle of just completing tasks for the outputs that they produce and we never really think about the actual work we are doing – we are just zombies waiting for the end of the day to come so we can get our money and run.

But, what if we had a more open reason for working? What if we wanted to work because we generally enjoyed the contribution we were making?What if we were driven to succeed through achieving company sales goals or by personal goals to better our skills? Wouldn’t this be better?

We would prepare better the night before and we would wake up in the morning with a desire to race to work and endeavour to achieve our goals with enthusiasm. And the beauty of it? That money that we so dearly work for to support our family and pay our bills would still come! But with the added bonus of a growth mindset and the potential to increase our earnings based on our eagerness to develop, and consequently the availability of opportunities for promotion.

So, the way we think about life is important. We can apply this to all aspects life, not just work. The thoughts we generate behind the reasons we do particular tasks and invest time in activities are important for laying the foundation of growth, both personally and for our contributions to different niches of society. Our thoughts create our reality.


~ A.M, 2018

Our thoughts can be the difference between seeing hills or mountains @themindconnectory


  1. Mary Mangee says:

    I love this. This kind of thinking can change the world we live in. Change the mindset of people and bring more peace to our lives.


    1. I’m glad you liked it. Yep, we all have our little part to play and it’s always wise to remember the world is much bigger than just us and our lives, but we have an important part to play nonetheless.


  2. Kranti says:

    Completely agree ‘Our thoughts creates our reality’ great post dear!!

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  3. Steve Ruis says:

    Interesting, but … where do our thoughts come from? They seem to be unbidden and very hard to control, except after the fact.


    1. Thanks for the input, very true what you are saying, but have we all not experienced the effect of negative thoughts before? Obviously we won’t be perfect controlling our thoughts at the start but we can have a pretty good try and we’ll only get better over time. We just have to use the lessons we’ve learned as a basis to start from. Cheers Steve 🙂


  4. Well written … Each word is thought provoking.

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    1. Many thanks for reading. I’m very glad it resonated with you! 🙂

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  5. Chris I says:

    Truly helpful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading. It makes me glad to see others gaining something from my work. People like you inspire me to continue!


      1. Chris I says:

        You’re welcome. I shared it on Twitter too. Have a blessed day.

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