Forward focus is often underestimated. Forward focus provides us with a realisation that the reality of the past is unchangeable, but the reality of our present has the potential to change the direction of our future self.

Why this is so important is because often we dwell on our mistakes or shortcomings or failures as if they are something that will prevent us from being who we want to be in the future. We hold onto these limiting ideologies that do not serve us, but are often to our detriment. When we approach such feelings or thoughts of the past and we want to abolish them, here is what I suggest;

Ponder for a moment where you fell short and what it taught you. What lessons have you learned? What mistakes will you not repeat? And, this is where the fundamental tool comes into play. We must set ourselves firstly, a plan to ensure that we do not repeat our mistakes and to ensure that we improve on the areas that shortcomings existed before. Once we have done this, the next phase is to make our mistake, our shortcoming, our failure as a building block to who we have become and who we are becoming.

By making your failure not something static in meaning, but something dynamic in meaning that changes over time, we have the ability in some sense to reshape our past. In essence, to make our past something that had to happen to build who we are now, and if it did not we would never have become who we are, learned the skills we know now or achieved what we have achieved.

Often these initial failures are God pushing us in a direction that he wants us to go. He has plans for us, to make us prosper and sometimes growth is camouflaged by challenging obstacles. But, these obstacles are completely necessary in shaping our future self.

Understand your past mistakes, but always keep a forward focus.


~ Adam, 2021


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    Thank you for checking out my blog recently! I hope you enjoyed it! New follower! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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