When you’re sitting and pondering what the meaning of this life might be and you can’t quite figure it out, don’t fret, don’t worry, don’t doubt…just breathe…

When your direction seems off track and you can’t seem to find the right path, don’t struggle, don’t fear, don’t panic…just breathe…

When the world feels like it is against you and you can’t control things as much as you would like, don’t force your hand, don’t be angry, don’t stress…just breathe…

When the worry sets in, the panic won’t pass and the anger and frustration continues to bubble, despite your attempt to breath…breathe again….

Breathe deeper, breathe more often, breathe more patiently. Breathe strength and patience into your lungs and release the worry of the things you cannot control.

As long as there is life in our lungs, we must continue to breathe. For it is not in knowing the meaning of this life that should be our utmost priority. Our utmost priority should be to continue breathing with the realisation that as long as there is life in our lungs there is more for us in store. God wants us to breathe and pursue what lights us up. There will be trials and tribulations on this path, and there will be battles we wish we didn’t have to fight. However, it is pursuing patience on our way (no matter whether we know our direction or not) despite these tribulations that will position us in the places we need to be surrounded by the right people.

When it all seems to much, don’t overplay your hand into action…just breathe…


~ Adam, 2021

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