Every hope you’ve ever had, every dream you’ve ever desired – they are all achievable if you set the right goals. I think the most important thing about these goals that we set in the beginning is that we start from a position that is achievable and attainable. We start with small efforts each day that we can slowly build up to bigger things.

If you want to write a book, start by writing one sentence every day – but make sure you are committed to writing that one sentence every single day. If you want to run a marathon – start by running one lap of the local park/oval every single day. If you want to be a mathematical genius – yes you guessed it – start by solving one equation every single day.

Many great authors, great athletes, great thinkers realised this notion before they became successful. The author progressed from one sentence every day, to one paragraph everyday, to one page everyday. Over the course of a year that meant that 365 pages had been written – enough to be considered a book. The marathon runner progressed from one lap every day, to 5 laps every day, to 10 laps every day – till he got to a point where he needed to run around the whole city – a level of fitness where he could now run a marathon. The mathematical genius progressed from one equation every day, to 5 equations a day, to solving a whole topic in his textbook daily, to teaching others 5 equations each day – until he got to the point where he was sound enough in his knowledge to make breakthroughs in mathematical theory.

Whatever your goal is, whatever your ambition – the point being made is that you must strive for consistency in the smaller goals that you set as a way to achieve your bigger hopes and dreams. If you just start by running that on lap every day you will realise when the time comes to progress to the next level of your goal (it might be a week, 2 weeks or a month – but you’ll know, you will get a feeling). This theory applies to anything you do – and it is a form of self love. You are choosing to discipline yourself as a means of building yourself up to something better than you are now.

One last thought I want to leave you with. If you could pick one thing to start working towards that you feel is too much work, what would it be? And what small task could you commit to completing every single day that will start you on your journey of progression?

~ The Mind Connectory, 2018



  1. Chuck says:

    Very well said. When I start things I already know what I will be facing to I face it head on. I do agree for many people starting slow is the right choice. Good article. God bless.


    1. Thanks for the input. Yes I absolutely agree…facing it head on is the best choice and sometimes it takes us time to build ourselves up to this point.


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