Setting Our Shame Free – Riah’s Message

This is a message from Riah about the importance of self worth. She has been fantastic enough to share her experiences to help others. I think that the message she shares is truly inspiring. I hope it can inspire you too!


Ann’s Insight – Facing Fear

I want to open up to you a little bit - to tell you about fear. Fear is not weakness, but a yearning for unconditional love. It's a desire to want things to be a certain way but having no way of being certain whether they are possible. You can dream about having an understanding... Continue Reading →

Natalia’s Story, Bipolar Recovery

Keeping well when you have bipolar is an interesting concept. For some it revolves exclusively around managing moods. For others it means fitting life around moods. For me, and others like me who are deep into a recovery that seems to be holding, it’s about keeping an eye, and investing in the things that help us all boost our mental health.

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