You Have To Be Willing To Expand Yourself

Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time said, "Limits, just like fears, are often just an illusion." What can we draw from this statement? It packs in a lot of messages and it also encourages us to develop our self awareness. What I believe Michael was trying to express is that we... Continue Reading →


Don’t Be Afraid Of What Others Think

You will be judged and people will make assumptions about you, whether they are fair or not. That's a fact of life and we need to grow to accept that fact. We need to learn not to take the things that others say personally because nobody truly know us more than ourselves. When we find... Continue Reading →

What If We Never Quit?

What if we never quit on the things that really mattered? What would it mean for who we are now or who we could be in the future? It would mean a stronger will power and a more decisive attitude. When we don't quit it's because we care about what we're working towards and anything... Continue Reading →

The Reality Of Decision-Making

In truth, every choice we make is infinitely free. It's a gift to have a free will. The decisions we make in day to day life often seem pressured and forced. We sometimes feel a lack of control in our choices because of the circumstances surrounding us or the situations we find ourselves in. So... Continue Reading →

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