Legend has it that he who is crazy enough to believe that he can change the world, is usually the one that does. Belief is the cornerstone of all achievement, growth and progress. Think about it this way…the creativity we have in our beliefs is what separates us from the rest of the world. We have been given a unique gift to think freely, and it is this freedom of thought that is limitless.

Creative beliefs allow us to solve problems that we once felt were unsolvable. You have probably been told before to try something new as a way of extending yourself. Often these new things we try are challenging. However, we choose to take on these challenges because we believe that in some way or another they will guide us to a better version of ourselves and will help us to realise new and different perspectives. These new perspectives and possibilities foster our creativity.

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What we can take from this is that the whole point of growth is not to avoid challenges altogether, but to embrace them as a means of directing us to more desirable challenges that we must solve – yes more challenges!

Life is a series of solving problems and if we want to have any order in this chaotic world we must choose the problems that we are willing to suffer for. Often our goals can be based on an end result or a reward that we remain fixated on. They’re even sometimes an image or visualisation of what it would be like to get there, but we forget that there will be challenges along the way. Sometimes we want the reward and not the struggle, we want the result and not the process. So when we think about what we want out of life, it shouldn’t be an achievement or an accolade – we have to choose a struggle, something we’re willing to suffer for.

A marathon runner will enjoy his daily jog through nature more than an Olympic Gold Medal that hangs on the wall. The routine he creates in his life is a predictable struggle that he has measured up and he is willing to persevere with it regardless of whether he is a winner or not. An author chooses to take on the struggles that come with writing a novel because she sees the value in creating characters and is empowered by her work. She does not fear that her novel will never be published because she is invested in her process of growth, her struggle is her fulfilment, she believes in her work.

Both the marathon runner and the author choose creative beliefs. There beliefs are centred on what they can control, and they have used their creativity to see life in a perspective that represents their growth. Only they can ever fully understand what drives them.

It is up to you to allow your creativity to support you in attaining a struggle that is enduring and inspiring for you. Achievement, growth and progress will be the fruits of this creativity, however they must not be the basis.

~ Adam M, 2018



    1. Much appreciated, thanks for sharing my message 🙂


  1. I love this my blog is all about rules for life, very strong message!!


    1. Thank you very much! I’d be glad to check it out 🙂

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  2. Called by to leave my thanks for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Thank you!


    1. I’m blessed by your support. Can’t wait to see more of your expressive writing. Cheers


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