Maybe your choices have put you in a situation that is more pressurised than normal. You might have to complete usual tasks in a shorter amount of time or you may be tired from lack of sleep. Whichever you find yourself, you must grow and adapt because the betterment of your future self is at stake.

Say for example you were at work almost reaching the end of your shift. Your manager comes in and asks if you want to work extra time, to which you think about and conveniently say yes to please your manager and make a bit of extra money. But, what if this limits you tomorrow? You might not have as much time to exercise as you normally do or complete other tasks of your day – you going to have to prioritise.

I think growing and adapting is prioritising the right events and the correct situations we find ourselves in. How I like to prioritise is to give my self the love and consideration I deserve. I won’t stress if I can’t fit a full length workout in. I’ll do a shorter version, but do it well. I will be happy and I will promise myself to be satisfied with my effort, even though I didn’t train for as long as I normally would – I made a bit of extra money and pleased my manager – that’s a bonus.

By doing this I will still have time in my day for other tasks like food shopping and coffee with a friend. And the beauty of it – I haven’t stressed myself out to the point where I have devalued my sense of effort.

I can step into the new day and attend work with a peaceful spirit – one that allows me to – present my best self to the world.

Don’t knock yourself but love yourself for your effort. Prioritise the right things and don’t push too hard and over work yourself – it doesn’t mean you are falling behind – it just means you have prioritised something else for the short term (a bit of extra money) and that’s totally okay.

Be happy with the things you prioritise and be willing to alter them sometimes to fit other things that come up – things that you see value in.

Grow and adapt to your surrounding.


~ Adam, 2019

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  1. neelstoria says:

    Being flexible with yourself and taking things on the go without stressing…

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