There comes times in life when we feel like we’re really pushing our limits. We’re trying to fit so much more into our day or our week than we ever have before. Over time we have built up more and more opportunities and we continue to take them – that’s a great thing if we know how to navigate through.

So here is just a few tips or suggestions that I have found to support my thoughts during times that can seem overwhelming. Having work commitments, sporting commitments, family commitments and study commitments can create a whole world of bother, but it can be one of the most fulfilling experiences if we embrace it and plan properly.

To control my thoughts – setting up a schedule is the most important thing. Having a calendar where the events that occur on a consistent basis can be written down permanently and reappear each week automatically is helpful. I like to use mac’s version of Calendar.

This helps because it starts to build a framework in our minds – something we can visualise. Then, when unexpected events seem to pop up we already have a fair idea of where they can fit in or we can start thinking of ways to manipulate our schedule so that they can. The only reason that we keep adding things to our schedule is because they mean something to us – and that’s another important key. If we feel a new opportunity is more valuable than one we are currently doing, we have to be courageous to let the less valuable one go sometimes – it allows us to focus our energies on the more important things – the ones that matter.

When we build up our schedule, it doesn’t just happen overnight. We start with a core activity like work and then other opportunities start to populate around it. For most people family and work commitments take the highest priority then we can consider other things.

So if you feel right now you just can’t seem to fit something in but you have a strong desire for that opportunity, just be patient. Stick to your current schedule for a while – a current opportunity may end or become less of a time constraint and you’ll create space for a new opportunity in the future. On the other hand you might become better at managing your time because of your experience and hence be able to fit another opportunity in.

The truth is a busy schedule means we’re doing something right. It means that the opportunities we work for each day are finally coming to us and in volumes greater than we thought possible, which can sometimes be overwhelming if we don’t take control of our thoughts. Embrace the challenge of creating a schedule that works for you and still allows you to achieve your goals.

Having a busy schedule is a good challenge to have. Be patient enough to hold back the timing of some opportunities and trust that things will work out.


~ Adam, 2019

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