Where Growth Pursues, Happiness Cultivates

In a world where uncomfortable and often undeserved issues plague us, we must look to something more wholesome, something more efficient that can ground us. Things that rise above resentment, negativity and shame. We often beat ourselves up about things we cannot physically change, but why? for what cause? The truth is, these challenges happen every day and you will continue to face them every single day for the rest of your life, but don’t fear. There is a method to the madness and a way to navigate through with your head held up high, your shoulders back and a humble aura. 

It all starts with belief. Belief that beautiful things happen in the most unexpected circumstances, belief that the most pivotal changes that we will experience in our lives will stem from our greatest hurts and shames. We need challenge in our life to truly understand what matters, as cliché as that may sound.

You’re away from home for a while, you start to miss it. You finally get back home and start to appreciate things more, your social networks, your convenience, your safety. Or maybe you’ve just had your heart broken – and it pains you (it will for a while), but what’s the silver lining? We go through this amazing process that converts vulnerability and recklessness into beautiful fruits such as strength, resilience and wiseness. We learn one more thing that we can conquer – something that we once thought we would never have to face and that thought strengthens us, to a point we never knew. And I say it again, where growth pursues, happiness cultivates. And from that we have produced even more fruit without realising it – we are resilient to the point where we can bounce back from unanticipated dilemmas, we become a little less fearless about life and we start to understand the value in contributing to the parts of our life we can control.

So just when you feel there is nothing positive that can come out of a situation or that the circumstances couldn’t be any worse, start to change something about yourself. Look within, not because the situation was your fault but because you are responsible for your own happiness and to do that you must grow through the most challenging situations of your life. It’s hard to think about growing and it’s even harder to take that first action to grow. But the second we take action with an effective plan in a most difficult situation we come to a realisation that if we can grow in the most horrid places then once we come out of it our growth will flourish, we will see progress in our lives and we will be happier than we have ever been.

Where Growth Pursues, Happiness Cultivates

~ A.M, 2018


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