Whether you’re religious or not, I think it’s important to trust that the world is set up to work in your favour. If you become ignorant of this fact, bitterness can often result, and resentment can build to the point where you feel like you have no control over the outcomes of your life. Like everybody is out to get you.

I know sometimes it might seem like the world is against you and nothing seems to work perfectly. It’s understandable to be demotivated and stressed out sometimes, but it’s never an excuse to blame the world or throw accountability out the window.

I know sometimes you might not want to hear it, but the best way to take back that ownership and control in your life is to take full accountability of the things in your power. I personally feel the best way to do this is to trust that anything and everything that happens in your life happens for you, not to you. As cliché as it sounds, there’s a lesson to take out of everything that happens.

Everything that happens in your life happens for you, not to you.

The biggest tragedies and traumas in people’s life often create a climactic point of change where there is no choice but to be something more – to create something positive from something negative.

Honestly, if you can’t see that the ability to create massive positive energy out of the most negative of situations is a miracle, that’s where a shift needs to happen.

We as humans are blessed with this ability, and sometimes things can really suck in life, to the point where it gets unbelievably shitty real quickly. However, the more difficult the circumstances you face, the more that God believes in your ability. He has entrusted you with solving this problem because he knows that you are capable.

Maybe you will have to do some growing, changing and sacrificing along the way, but that’s an opportunity. We God wants you to grow spiritually he’ll make you work for it because growth is a choice and it requires intention directed towards the right things with discipline. Remember, the driving force behind discipline is love. So, if we love we can grow spiritually because we do not fear failure, we simply fear not taking action toward the things we love.

There is nothing to lose from changing your outlook to something more positive when things seem out of control. It takes a bit of faith, but I’m sure you have it in you.

God Wants The Best For You, Truly!


The Mind Connectory, 2020

Everything that happens in your life happens for you, not to you. @themindconnectory



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