Our dreams are controlled by the limits we place on ourselves. We often let our limits suppress our capabilities and we can’t reach our full potential. A dream represents what we want most – what our ‘ideal’ scenario might be for the future. We can have multiple dreams at any one time. These can be for our career, for our family, for our health and even for our mental and emotional growth.

Dreams are often misunderstood as materialistic structures and products – like a car, or a home or lots and lots of money, but these dreams are simply not sustainable. Yes, maybe these things are sometimes the fruits that come from achieving our dreams, but it would be very difficult for these things to motivate us in the long-term.

So here is what I present to you – it’s okay to desire a fancy car or a luxurious mansion – but the reasoning behind these desires is what’s important. You might have already developed this reasoning without even realising it, and if you’re one of those people, congratulations. Keep doing what you do and always be consistent with good intentions.

For those that struggle to sustain their dreams and lack the motivation, let’s look within. What can I change about my perspective on my goals to make them more realistic and achievable? – not necessarily make them easier, but to simplify them to their true fundamentals.

Let’s take the example of the home. Is it your goal to live in a mansion and to have a pool out the back, four tennis courts and a private sauna? Is that truly what you want? Is that the vision you keep giving yourself? I’m going to be straight forward and tell you that your vision is unsustainable and this is what I believe you should do differently….

Think about providing a home for your future spouse or your future family. Having a safe and comfortable home for your children would be a better way to start (that’s if you desire to be a parent). Your vision could be focused on the wellbeing of others and you will receive a greater sense of accountability for your actions and more responsibility to act in a consistent manner. That’s not to say this is the only vision you can have because there are a million possible visions you can have that involve other people – like supporting your siblings or your parents.

We all end up in different situations and place value on different forms of relationships more than others. We are human and we are unique – hence our dreams should be unique too. We shouldn’t just want that new car cause I neighbour just bought one or go on extravagant holidays beyond our means if we will come back to an empty bank account.

We have to remove impulsive decisions from the pursuit of our dreams so that they become more sustainable. We have to develop a vision that is empowering of others and where we take accountability and responsibility and never place blame on others. Always be brave enough to dream smartly.

Happy Holidays,

~ A.M, 2018


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