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Music + Exercise + Superfoods = Dopamine Production For A Motivated Mindset

You ever heard a song come on and it just changes your whole day? It’s like something remarkably emotional comes out of you – you may have never heard that song before but somehow you think you have – it’s pretty cool, hey? It just resonates with you. There’s actually some science behind it. WhenContinue reading “Music + Exercise + Superfoods = Dopamine Production For A Motivated Mindset”

Everyone Has A Story

When you look around in society you notice many people, but how many of them do you actually tie no prejudice or assumptions to? It’s hard wired within us to make assumptions, but it can often be a limiting trait. Here’s how it works. You see a ferocious dog with extremely sharp teeth, is fearContinue reading “Everyone Has A Story”

The Community’s Way Of Lifting Our Spirits

Sometimes there’s disappointments, letdowns or frustrations that don’t just affect us but that affect a large number of people. When the community share’s in a loss or a disappointment, there’s a shared dissatisfaction. This is both painful and uplifting. It’s an interesting fact; we must deal with our own feelings as well as worry aboutContinue reading “The Community’s Way Of Lifting Our Spirits”

The Pursuit For Positive Experience Is Actually A Negative Experience

A tricky statement, sometimes a bit confusing and convoluted but it’s actually quite true. What it means is this – the fact that we believe we always need more, want more and deserve more makes us unappreciative of who we are now. To ourselves we will never be enough because we’re not satisfied with ourContinue reading “The Pursuit For Positive Experience Is Actually A Negative Experience”

Non-Cognitive Skills Will Help You Get Things Done

Non-cognitive skills form the basis of how we respond to the tasks, activities and situations that encompass our day-to-day life. These skills comprise of things such as conscientiousness, perseverance and teamwork. I don’t think you can name one successful person or group that didn’t have either of these traits in large volumes. The reason whyContinue reading “Non-Cognitive Skills Will Help You Get Things Done”

The Effect You Have On Others Is The Most Valuable Currency There Is

Jim Carrey shared these remarkable words in a valedictorian speech he shared at Maharishi University of Management and they couldn’t be closer to the truth. We often underestimate our power and we don’t realise the potential of our actions. It doesn’t cost us a thing to make others feel good, to compliment them or toContinue reading “The Effect You Have On Others Is The Most Valuable Currency There Is”

Freedom Is A Choice

Ever feel a bit trapped or asphyxiated because you can’t seem to control a lot of the outcomes of life? Yep, me too. I feel so controlled by life sometimes – by the expectations of my friends and family, the judgements of acquaintances and by my own inner yearning for approval, and this is allContinue reading “Freedom Is A Choice”

You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In This World

Mahatma Gandhi, a global peacemaker and Indian activist taught us many important lessons in his lifetime, but one of his most profound contributions was his empowerment of others. In a quote he said, “You must be the change you wish to see in this world”. He knew that his vision could not reach fruition unlessContinue reading “You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In This World”