What is Depression?

It is normal to occasionally feel sad, confused or lacking control over your life. These feelings often become more intense and occur over longer periods of time (weeks, months or even years) in individuals suffering from depression. Often a sufferer will not understand why they have such intense feelings until they reach out to someone who can provide an ‘outside perspective’. Your physical and mental health can be seriously impacted by depression and it is important to give its treatment priority in your life. Often overcoming depression unlocks the key to solving other problems we may have in our lives.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

You may be depressed if you feel sad, emotional or down most of the time and find it hard to cheer yourself up. If you have felt this way for more than 2 weeks it likely indicates a form of depression. Sometimes we lose interest in the activities that are happening around us and struggle to find value and meaning in our life.

Whilst you may experience these symptoms occasionally, that does necessarily mean you are depressed. A list of the symptoms below are commonly occurring in people with depression.

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 5.47.04 pm.pngSigns and Symptoms of Depression (BeyondBlue, 2018)

A good way to gauge if you, or someone you know may be suffering from depression is to complete the K10 checklist developed by BeyondBlue. The questions relate to your feelings over the past four weeks.

Treatment for Depression

The road to recovering from depression is different from person to person. We are all individuals and we all have our own values, beliefs and morals. What we teach at The Mind Connectory is conquering mental barriers using tools for self improvement. If we can manage to draw up a plan so that our values, beliefs and morals are aligned with our goals and ambitions then conquering depression becomes more of an opportunity and less of a challenge. The key to conquering depression is making a plan and sticking to that plan EVERY SINGLE DAY and never missing a day. No matter how upset, angry, frustrated or uninspired we may feel if we stick to our plan we are growing and changing and shedding that skin of depression. We are going to come out of this situation a stronger person than anyone could have ever imagined, including ourselves.

There are many support services for helping us to set these goals and plans and one that I highly recommend is Beyond Blue. They offer a number of treatment options for depression. This is a battle that we fight together, never believe you are alone.