Lucent en Tenebris: How I Learned to Shine in the Darkness – Maria’s Story

Maria shares her story of courage to raise awareness for mental health, particularly in her state of Florida, which ranks 50th (out of the 50 US States) in mental health care. Maria's message to 'rise up' is an inspiring one for all who are afraid to speak of their own mental health experiences. Maria plans... Continue Reading →


If You’re Afraid Of Life You Need To Hear This!

Are you afraid that your life might not work out the way you want it to or the way you envisioned it? Do you ever feel like the position you are in right now could be so much better? Are you afraid that you might not measure up or that your life may not leave... Continue Reading →

The Power of Prayer

Prayer can change a situation. Prayer can change your life. Whenever I have found myself consistently praying on a day-to-day basis for extended periods of time those have been the happiest times of my life, I seemed free of my worries and more grateful for the things that I had in life. There's something about... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness Of Others Is Self Love

It’s often difficult to break free from feelings that we hold towards certain people - with our friends, our family and other close relations. Feelings of resentment can build up if these feelings are suppressed over time and we can find it difficult to live our day to day life with the burdens we carry... Continue Reading →

Making It Through Today With Anxiety

Anxiety can cripple you and control you and your day - but only if you allow it to. When we get anxious it's mostly because we have a fear that something is worse than what it actually is. We amplify its connotations into something that seems monumentally more severe. Rationalise your thoughts today and try... Continue Reading →

Create The World You Want To Live In

If you see something and you don't like the way it is or the way it operates - seek to change it. Have the guts to stand for a world that you believe in. Einstein said, "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."Albert Einstein A lot... Continue Reading →

Sunday Quote – Daily Motivation

"Every set-back is a setup for a comeback"Unknown Just when you feel like you're down and out, look to what a situation can teach you and embrace it whole-heartedly. You may have lost this time, but you have never failed if you have never given up after a loss. Keep going!

Learning To Trust Again

Trust is one of the hardest things to give again when you have been burned or hurt. Trust is one of those things that is built over time and you can't just let the hurt slip so easily. The way I like to put it is this, "Trust can take years to build, but can... Continue Reading →

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