Self-Care Is In Finding The Strength To Start Over — Thought Catalog

I stumbled upon this remarkable piece featured on Thought Catalog and couldn't seem to put the words better myself.. Self love is risking the loss of who we are now for the potential that we can be far greater in the future. "So, find the strength you need to let go of what hurts. Find... Continue Reading →


Here’s To The Day You Start Living — Thought Catalog

There's no better time than right now to do a great thing. Stop waiting for the perfect time to present your best self to the world. Let your light shine through the crevices of fear and insecurity. You were born to shine. Here's an inspiring article from Thought Catalog - Live as your best self... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness Of Others Is Self Love

It’s often difficult to break free from feelings that we hold towards certain people - with our friends, our family and other close relations. Feelings of resentment can build up if these feelings are suppressed over time and we can find it difficult to live our day to day life with the burdens we carry... Continue Reading →

Making It Through Today With Anxiety

Anxiety can cripple you and control you and your day - but only if you allow it to. When we get anxious it's mostly because we have a fear that something is worse than what it actually is. We amplify its connotations into something that seems monumentally more severe. Rationalise your thoughts today and try... Continue Reading →

Create The World You Want To Live In

If you see something and you don't like the way it is or the way it operates - seek to change it. Have the guts to stand for a world that you believe in. Einstein said, "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."Albert Einstein A lot... Continue Reading →

Sunday Quote – Daily Motivation

"Every set-back is a setup for a comeback"Unknown Just when you feel like you're down and out, look to what a situation can teach you and embrace it whole-heartedly. You may have lost this time, but you have never failed if you have never given up after a loss. Keep going!

Learning To Trust Again

Trust is one of the hardest things to give again when you have been burned or hurt. Trust is one of those things that is built over time and you can't just let the hurt slip so easily. The way I like to put it is this, "Trust can take years to build, but can... Continue Reading →

Juggling Priorities – A Dilemma

Opportunities present themselves all the time in life, even if we do not see them. Sometimes there's so many things we could choose to do and they happen to appear all at once. So how do we choose what to do and what to let go? Maybe you've been asked to attend two different gatherings... Continue Reading →

All Problems Have Solutions

There are solutions that exist to all the problems that surround our life and sometimes we just need to think outside the box and look at these problems from a new perspective. Thinking outside the box means being creative in the way you approach things. Seeking a new perspective means giving up your old metrics... Continue Reading →

Feeling Behind On Your Goals?

Do you ever get this anxious feeling that you're behind or in some ways off track in life? Maybe your goals keep escaping you or they're taking a long time and you get demotivated and disappointed with yourself. Then you look back to all the times you've failed or the things that haven't worked out... Continue Reading →

I Promise To Love Myself

Loving ourself is so important. It means we are passionate and committed to making sacrifices in the short term for who we have the potential to be in the future. We all have something unique within us and we need to love the work we do and love our contribution to the world to truly... Continue Reading →

Grow And Adapt To Your Surrounding

Maybe your choices have put you in a situation that is more pressurised than normal. You might have to complete usual tasks in a shorter amount of time or you may be tired from lack of sleep. Whichever you find yourself, you must grow and adapt because the betterment of your future self is at... Continue Reading →

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