Dear God,

I come to you today in this time of prayer to firstly thank you for the many gifts you have provided. To thank you for instilling within me a thoughtful mind, placing me around inspiring people and continually supporting me whilst I grow.

As I continue through my day, I have one thing at the front of my mind. That is, hope for the future – not only for me, but also for those I love dearly. The thought of hope fills me with a passion that excites me for the future. When I think about your power, father, it brings me insurmountable joy, knowing that my future is in your hands.

When I think about your plan for my life, and for the lives of my friends and family it feels me with goosebumps. I don’t know what is in store, the good, the bad, the ugly, but I know one thing for sure…you are my rock, you are our rock and you will guide us through whatever we face. And, the most beautiful part to me is I know with the challenges you bring, there is a hope – a hope that says I will grow greater than my understanding – a hope that says storylines that have not yet been written will come to fruition – and that excites me to the core.

Hope for the future is what I ask, but I know none of this is possible without faith.


~ Adam, 2021

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