Make today count. Make it a day that pushes forward your hopes and dreams, but also keeps you intimately grateful for the things you already have. Where you are now is a starting point, and hopefully you feel yourself working within some sort of process that keeps you going and propels you in a positive direction.

If you feel your process and it warms you through the soul, keep going and continue to build positive momentum. There’s this magic that happens when you start to focus in on your ambitions – the harder you work to achieve them, the harder it is to give up on them also. If continuing on your process of growth seems just that little bit easier today, do not take it for granted.

If you break your process it will be harder to recover it, than it ever would have been to continue on with it. And, if you’re not sure on your process, make today is the first day and be patient with yourself. Take some time to write out what it is that you want, need or desire and reflect on it for a couple of days. Eat good foods, get plenty of rest and remain friendly with those around you at all costs. It is these three simple things that can make all the difference over the long term.

Don’t rush, ambition is not born out of fear, but is born out of a patient confidence.

Don’t rush, ambition is not born out of fear, but is born out of a patient confidence. Make today count, keep the momentum rolling, and take care of your body, mind and relationships – Peace will follow you.


~ Adam, 2021


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