I started reading again of recent. On a more consistent daily basis. I’m reading a book called “Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life” written by Jordan Peterson. I’ve only just scratched the surface of what the book is about, but it explores the different ways that we find meaning and value in things.

It illustrates that “meaning comes from reaching out into the domain beyond what we know, and adapting to an ever transforming world.” Whilst the pursuit into the unknown brings with it uncertainty, a failure to make this venture “leads to a lack of curiosity and creative vitality.” The book brings forth the notion that order is required in life with the introduction of small pieces of chaos to keep us growing spiritually. It calls us to balance behaviours that are perceived as acceptable in society, with those behaviours that challenge society’s acceptance from time-to-time.

Meaning comes from reaching out into the domain beyond what we know, and adapting to an ever transforming world.

This could be things like going about your work day and completing the tasks that are assigned to you, as they are assigned to you. However, from time to time, you might like to spice things up a little, get through your assigned work more quickly and start to explore some other areas of interest at work without the knowledge of your manager or superior. This is a risk that you take if it is perceived the wrong way by your manager, but one that is rewarded and commended by a manager who is fundamentally a good leader.

There’s opportunities in day-to-day life to exercise a bit of chaos or venturing into the unknown, just on example is mentioned above. You should take some opportunities each day, they don’t have to big one’s, just some that keep you curious and creative.

You must refuse to be stagnated by societies accepted ideologies and walk independently sometimes to carve out new paths of meaning.


~ Adam, 2021


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