Each day when we awake, there is a silent call that directs us where we should go, what we should do, and when we should do it. It’s not explicit, it’s quite subtle, almost like a whisper. Deep down within us there is a voice that already knows what’s best for us. Our mind knows what it right for us, we have a conscience that deciphers good decisions from bad decisions, and the more we choose to let our conscious run our lives the more good decisions we will make.

Often we deviate from what we know is right because there seems and easier option that requires less work, but in the long run it creates more complex problems for us. We need not be afraid to engage in the hard work that is required for any form of fulfilment. Love is hard, courage is hard, faith is hard – many things are hard. But, it is our will to engage with the challenges along the way that ultimately provides each of these fruits with it’s value.

The value of these fruits does not come from what it achieves, the value comes from the sacrifices we make for others to allow these fruits to be revealed. Love is not merely a feeling, it is an action – it’s a series of constant sacrifices, of standing up for others of trusting others.

When we truly want what’s best for others and we are focused on the growth of a community or a team, as opposed to only ourselves, we take on a great responsibility that can be difficult to manage. We might find ourselves sacrificing our own personal time to ensure others are leading happy lives and it can be difficult to handle. However, as we start to see growth in others and we realise that we have contributed to this growth there is a sense of fulfilment that could never be realised from growing alone.

Your call is just as important to you as it is to others. It directs you what is right and wrong and it gives you a purpose. It takes away the stress and worry of trying to accomplish goals to a set structure and allows freedom and fluidity to the way you approach goal achievement. Your conscience is directed by God and he wants you to do the difficult things in life because he knows what is in store for you later down the track. We must trust his plan and timing.

Listen to your call.


~ Adam, 2021


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