“The Great Mind De-Clutter” is a term I’ve coined to represent mental clarity, not just the prospect of mental clarity itself, but the process of it’s acquisition.

“The Great Mind De-Clutter” is a term I’ve coined to represent mental clarity, not just the prospect of mental clarity itself, but the process of it’s acquisition. I truly believe that there are very few things that really matter in life, however those very few things that really do matter are monumentally important.

I feel like the more things you try to focus on the less progress you make towards each of them – you’re in essence diluting your capabilities to fulfil some form of illusion that stretches you- not in a growth sense, but in a limiting sense.

I understand there’s this fire in you to set such high standards for yourself that even sometimes border on perfection – I’ve been there too. It might seem counterintuitive for you to strip it all back a little, and I totally understand why you might feel that way, it kind of make sense….until you get the point where you’ve been beating away at half-smoked ideas and none of them seem to be exploding with success. But, you keep grinding away because you think the harder you work, the more chance there is that there will be some spark of success. You want more, deep inside you, but it’s just not happening for you – and that’s okay.

However, in the reality of all of this striving and stressing and punishing have you actually felt any real sense of fulfilment and achievement in what you’ve done? Has striving for success in ALL of these areas really brought you success in ANY of these areas? Is your aim to achieve success as an overall blanket achievement no matter where it comes from what you truly want?

Let me tell you this, and let me tell you this LOUD AND CLEAR – there will be no success if you just go for success in anything and everything – there will be no happiness if you try to achieve happiness in all you do. This is where this whole idea of ‘The Great Mind De-Clutter’ comes in. There has to come a point when something matters more to you than the other things because the more something means to you the easier it is to work, the more natural it is for you, the more creative you can be – the more fulfilled you feel IN THE PROCESS – not just when you get to the top of the hill.

When you refine your focus and risk the loss of the things that you feel as though don’t matter as much – you take a great leap of faith, and it’s this courage that drives you. This leap of faith is an indication to your subconscious mind that you believe in your direction – that you’re not afraid to ride on this one sole idea because it matters to you more than anything.

When you’re doing what your love you get goosebumps, you almost cry with pride while you’re working – and that term ‘on-fire’ really gets it’s meaning.

Clear away all the things that aren’t serving your greatest passion and let them go. Remove the clutter and achieve your potential.

“The Great Mind De-Clutter”


~ Adam, 2020

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  1. neelstoria says:

    Sometimes which of those things in the minds constitute clutter can be difficult to identify.

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