You ever heard a song come on and it just changes your whole day? It’s like something remarkably emotional comes out of you – you may have never heard that song before but somehow you think you have – it’s pretty cool, hey? It just resonates with you.

There’s actually some science behind it. When music sends chills down your spine and gives you goosebumps, it could actually be linked to our brains releasing dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical released by nerve cells which is responsible for the motivational component of reward-motivated behaviour. Pretty exciting if you ask me!

Dopamine is a wonder worker! I personally think it plays a critical role in keeping us focused on our goals. When we find what we’re passionate about it’s probably something that gives us a rush or a high – we feel good about what we’re doing – so we keep doing it – that’s dopamine. It’s your brain telling you, “I like this activity, it makes me feel good – so keep doing it.”

Dopamine release is scientifically linked to activities such as regular exercise and meditation as well as massage and sleep. It is also linked to eating foods high in Tyrosine (the building blocks of protein). This is why you will find a lot of CEOs of the largest corporations run early in the morning or engage in some form of meditation. Firstly, it allows them to tackle important tasks of the day before the rest of the world wakes up and they have to work – but I also believe that it’s this dopamine that they constantly generate in their bodies through these types of activities that keeps them focused and motivated to complete their tasks – it helps them to pursue their vision – something that all leaders must do.

So what we can see is that it is critical to take control of the little components of our day that promote our brain’s health. We can start eating the right foods more, sleep more effectively and add some exercise into our routine. A routine is what’s important. You won’t find any successful person that doesn’t have a routine – and for that fact, a routine that doesn’t incorporate some sort of regular activity for boosting dopamine – whether they know it or not.

So change what you can and run towards activities that you love doing – the one’s that give you that dopamine influx – that’s why I continue to write – it makes me feel good and others will benefit from it at the same time.

Music + Exercise + Superfoods = Dopamine Production For A Motivated Mindset


~ Adam, 2019

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  1. neelstoria says:

    Discipline is important to sustain things like exercise and meditation till it becomes a habit

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    1. Thanks once again for your great insight. Definitely a point for consideration. Perhaps I should refer more to some links regarding discipline because it is a real important factor for sustainment.

      Thanks again for reading and for your insight! I truly appreciate it. Keep them coming 🙂

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  2. krish says:

    Discipline..routine does help but more than that what helps is how you start the day…approach a task…
    School kids have a set routine in school but 99 % in all probability do not like it…it gets just too boring…so fill the routine with what gets you going …with what you like doing…after all life is beyond routine..

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