We need to be committed to whatever we desire out of life because if we are not, we’ll fall off track too easily, be distracted too easily and give-up too easily. Commitment is the cornerstone of what it takes to keep striving for a goal, trusting in a belief and continuing on a positive growth journey, despite the surrounding circumstances.

This might come like a shock to you – but really it shouldn’t. There is this thing in our gut called our instinct – it tells us when we are doing right by ourselves and when we are not. In that same fashion it reminds us what we should continue to be committed to and what we should let go. The part that might seem shocking is that the answer to this question is actually within you despite your constant indecision and doubt.

Only you can get the answer out, and if you choose wrongly your instinct will constantly remind you and you will continue to feel the effects of that decision long down the track until the wheels fall off the bus and you hit rock bottom or until you revaluate and deliberately put yourself back on a better path.

What does choosing wrongly mean? It means placing your commitment into something for some other reward other than your own fulfilment when you really truly want something else – like a high-paying job that you don’t enjoy – but deep down you would rather work for less money and make a difference in society. Another is buying a luxurious car just to impress others – but you would really rather save that money, because your lower paying job that you enjoy requires you to make that sacrifice.

See how everything is interlinked? You need to place the core activities in the centre of your decision making – your gut will tell you what they are and when you do make the right decision you will feel an almost instantaneous weight lift off your shoulders. The big things need to come to the forefront – for most it’s their family’s needs, but this needs to be balanced with your own needs – why? If you’re not happy then your contribution to your family will not be the most positive one you can bring and your family will feel the effects of that. You need to have a job or a passion project that you love too, simultaneously while supporting your family.

When we sort all of these things out and that weight we’ve been dreading finally lifts we will sense a change in ourselves. When our desires actually start to become aligned with our actions, our commitment to what we do day-to-day rises exponentially. We can be more patient with slow processes because we start to enjoy the fulfilment of the process, rather than just hanging out for the end result.

When the things that we do in our life are aligned with our values – we are less stressed and less worried about failure because we are happy with what we are doing. It serves a purpose for us and it fulfils our ‘why’. To support our family and make ourselves happy contributors that family unit.

Trust your instinct to guide your path to fulfilment. The answers we seek are already within us.


~ Adam, 2019

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  1. krish says:

    Basic Instinct..the intuitions are based on the past experience ..the knowledge one has acquired…that’s why so important to keep updating knowledge ..skills…

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