If you see something and you don’t like the way it is or the way it operates – seek to change it. Have the guts to stand for a world that you believe in. Einstein said,

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

Albert Einstein

A lot of the time the things that we desire to change require sacrifice and it often requires a change within – we need to be the person that we have visions of becoming before we can make our visions for the world become a reality. The truth is, one man or one woman can only do so much and that can be a demotivating fact in our quest to make positive change to the world. But, let me say this;

The power to change ourselves is limitless – both positively and negatively. When things seem at their worst, they’re probably not – there are likely far worse things that can happen – and when they are at their best they almost certainly have the potential to get better. This reality should make us both grateful for things that we have right now in the present and also thankful that there are opportunities to grow into the future.

Whilst one person can only do so much together we are limitless beyond our understanding when we work together. It takes one person to start a movement – and if you have visions of changing something for the better – IT HAS TO BE YOU.

DING DING DING! YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN. A lot of people are chosen to impress a vision on the world by God, but very few actually have the guts to make the sacrifices that can result in that change. Trust me – you have the ability to change this world in more ways than you know. If you had told me that writing about mental health experiences would bring as much of an audience as I have now, I would have said you were crazy.

But, I’ve done just that – I’ve answered God’s call and it’s only me that can push this message forward in my own unique way – I have the vision for it. I’ve made changes to myself – to be disciplined and write almost every single day and my goal is to inspire others to share their stories too – and I will create that platform.

My understanding that things have the potential to both get better and worse continues to spur me on – I am grateful for the audience I have now and I am empowered to continue to grow this message of mental health awareness. I have big plans in store – trust me!

For this vision to come to fruition I need you – my friends – to listen to that bell that’s ringing – that’s telling you to run with your vision too because it is more powerful than you know and that should be enough motivation.

Don’t sit back and watch, please. And don’t wait for that ‘right time’. There will never be a time in your life when it’s the right time to do a great thing. It all starts with a vision.

So do that great thing now. Create the world you want to live in.


~ Adam, 2019

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  1. krish says:

    Yes… everything starts with a vision…one step at a time…moving forward is what matters more than the speed which one moves forward..


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