If you have all these grand ambitions and visions of yourself in the future, you must get them out. They are your purpose in life. If you never work on them and build them up for the world to see, nobody will ever see them. Only YOU are capable of making a unique mark on this world – one that’s exclusive to you. Don’t waste it.

Would you rather be 80 years old knowing there was more you should have done? or 80 years old knowing you failed more times than you can count but that is why you succeeded in life?

The pain of knowing we had more to offer and didn’t take action will be worse than pain of working hard at our goals and falling short.

Adam, 2019

So I want to urge you to start taking action, not tomorrow, not next week – TODAY – to not be afraid of failing and to not fear that you may not keep up if you reach the top. ‘Fears just like limits are often just and illusion.’

Maybe you haven’t started at all – or maybe you’ve just begun and you’re starting to lack motivation. Either way there’s still work to do, there’s no hiding that fact. For those that haven’t started, sit down and write your tasks down – what do you want to do? Then make a commitment to yourself to perform those tasks every single day, with no excuses – that’s where winning is done.

For those that have started their tasks, even better – you know what you must do – now the next challenge is to keep doing it. The truth is, there’s going to be days when you just don’t want to put in the work – those are the most critical days and this is the most critical time of your life.

Remember that all great things come from hard work that is consistently applied over time. A diamond forms under pressure, but guess in how may days? Not 1 day, not even in a year, in fact it takes at least a billion years!

You’ve got maybe 50 good years of life if you’re lucky to really let your ambitions run free. Don’t put off that diet for another day or skip your workout regime another time or give up on that book you have been writing.

Create a meal plan and stick to it and trust it, start walking and continue it into a run and put pen to paper and really get that book moving forward.

Stopping wasting time dwelling on the past it will not make your future any better. Give time to the things that matter and be brave enough to realise that the value of today is the most precious resource of our life.

Use it to make a better you, and get up and get going to work even when it seems so hard. You’re a diamond in the rough forming under pressure! NEVER FORGET THAT!

The key to getting ahead is starting.


~ Adam, 2019

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  1. krish says:

    Yes…the success wil only come to those who make a start and sustain through all setbacks ….keep going..

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    1. Absolutely agreed. Thanks for your insight!

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