What if we never quit on the things that really mattered? What would it mean for who we are now or who we could be in the future? It would mean a stronger will power and a more decisive attitude. When we don’t quit it’s because we care about what we’re working towards and anything that gets in our way will not stop us – we have a vision. So why do we quit sometimes on the things that actually do matter?

To understand the value in never quitting, we first need to understand the reasons why we have quit on things in the past and how we feel about that. Some quitting is actually good, it might be quitting bad habits like addictions or quitting on relationships that are toxic or do not serve our best interests. So if we never quit, it would actually be a bad thing – but what’s really important is that we identify what actually matters and we make a commitment to ourselves to never quit on those things.

In some circumstances we might quit on things that we think are better to move away from, only to later realise down the track that continuing them might have been the better thing for us. In these situations we learn a couple of things.

Firstly, we learn the pain of quitting too early and that actually inspires us next time that we are challenged with a choice to quit or keep going – we learn to think longer and harder in order to make the most logical decision – because getting it wrong hurts. We realise decisions shouldn’t be rushed.

The next thing we learn (and this takes patience and discipline) is that even though we might see the choice we made in the past as a mistake (which it is in some sense) it’s mostly just a representation of who you were then and you made the best choice based on your knowledge and skills at that time.

God has this crazy way of directing and redirecting us to where we need to be and at the right time. It takes a bit of faith and once again patience to see, but if we just give it the time we realise how special it can be. That time you quit on something in the past and regretted it later down the track, meant you had learned some new knowledge since the experience and would have acted differently in hindsight. But, if we break it down properly, you didn’t have that knowledge then, so you can’t have expected yourself to have had the same foresight and made the same decision you could now.

The fact of the matter is, you weren’t ready then and maybe you are now – and that means you’ve grown.

So don’t be afraid of quitting the things that don’t seem to matter right now, unless you have a vision for them and you envision a level of growth coming out of them. If you make a mistake just remember that you have made your decision to the best of your knowledge right now and that is all you can do. If it turns out to be a mistake – God will redirect you when you’re ready.

Be patient and trust in God.


~ Adam, 2019

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