We often get caught up in our own dramas in life and we can be challenged by them. Some days they are worse than others, and that’s where we have to learn to consider our circumstances and their severity.

Sometimes we don’t realise that the issues someone else is facing are twice as hard as ours, that’s why we have to be aware. Yes, our issues must me solved and we shouldn’t neglect our own needs, but I tell you this – if you can see other peoples problems and you are aware of them, they will help you to solve yours more easily. Here’s why I believe so; when we realise that our problems aren’t as challenging as others or that others may be facing the same problems as us and are succeeding to some extent, we become empowered.

We start to see that others can overcome these issues, so why can’t I? or ‘She overcame that challenge with so much courage, even though it was more difficult than mine, so I am clearly capable of solving my own issues.’

We become stronger by considering others. If our problems aren’t as bad as others, we can support them, and when our issues are worse we can learn and be empowered by others. We need to use this outlook in life because everyone has a story and experiences that have shaped them, and their resilience to life’s problems can inspire us, just as our resilience can inspire them.

We might not know the severity of what someone else is facing until we experience ourselves, so we should always remain on the front foot and give everyone can equal chance. Sometimes the mistakes others make are a manifestation of larger underlying issues in their life, and whilst we can’t solve these problems for them, we can direct them to help them help themselves.

The other important thing about considering others – sometimes we don’t know how hard the challenges they are facing truly are. This is where we have to be extremely careful and considerate. Something as small as a smile or positive body language toward them can help them out.

We don’t realise how much small deeds can help another person until we do them. So I urge you, take each and every person at face value and do not judge them prematurely because we all have needs, some more so than others. Love others and love yourself. Never be blind to the needs of others, because we do not know their story.

Be considerate of others and love yourself


~ Adam, 2019

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  1. Great post, I totally agree!

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  2. I love this! Especially how you said something as small as a smile or body positive language can help someone out. I agree whole-heartedly!

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    1. Thanks for reading, I am so very glad it connected with you. Awareness is a big thing and we often aren’t aware of how much power for good we really do have. Have a great week! 🙂

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