To pride yourself on consistency is a valuable ideal to have. Consistency in the context of self improvement means to make the conscience effort of turning up every single day or on a regular basis to perform a particular task that you know is hard but will help you to grow.

Think about exercise for example, and I’ve mentioned this before – think about the person who trains really well and has the best session of his life one day, yet falls off the path because he has over worked himself and wants to see immediate results – he doesn’t exercise for the next couple of weeks. Compare this person to another who trains well but is patient in their process of transformation. Their mindset is not based on the result of the exercise, but on the feeling it gives them why they are doing it. They learn to enjoy the process.

Most forms of consistency become easier if we find a goal that’s worth struggling for. This means finding a process where you enjoy the struggle. Maybe you enjoy the feeling in the middle of a run when the endorphins begin to fill your body and a euphoric feeling exists. Maybe you’re a writer and there’s a special feeling you get when a descriptive word you thought you had imagined, actually exists and it fits so well in the context of your sentence.

Find what it is you want to struggle for. The truth is, life is full of struggles so we may as well choose the things that we believe are worth struggling for. The one’s we know we will enjoy the process of. All rewards are a bonus because we have already achieved fulfilment in the process.

So be as consistent as you can and having a process you love and trust will guide you on the path to fulfilment. Consistency is often underestimated.


~ Adam, 2019



  1. Love this post. I look at working out for the feeling the feeling it gives me bc you feel really powerful, happy and energized after. I don’t like the routine, just the feeling, its like a natural high.

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    1. Thanks Carla for sharing your insight. I agree, there’s a beautiful sense of power that exists in the middle of exercise. The moment when we realise we are making a conscious and deliberate effort to improve ourselves.

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      1. Thank you. And You’re Welcome.

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