Sometimes there’s disappointments, letdowns or frustrations that don’t just affect us but that affect a large number of people. When the community share’s in a loss or a disappointment, there’s a shared dissatisfaction. This is both painful and uplifting. It’s an interesting fact; we must deal with our own feelings as well as worry about the feelings of others, which is a hard mindset to work through.

When the community shares in an experience, like their local team losing or on a more serious note, a natural disaster sweeping through their community we can empathise with others. This ability to empathise and understand the feelings of those around us actually strengthens us as a community. Some people are hit harder by the affects of a disaster, hence it is up to those who have been impacted less to support those who have been affected more. The cards are likely to flip in the future, and it is this mutual understanding that allows us to see the needs of those around us and act on them.

A small experience I had earlier this year brought me so much joy. I was attending an international cricket match between Australia and India. The first test match I had ever been to. I was excited to spend the day out with friends and have a good laugh. Just as it happens, it rained most of the day, forcing the game to be delayed.

The players came out for a short period of play later in the day, only to have the game ended early due to bad lighting conditions. Fans from both countries were no doubt frustrated, myself included.

What made this such a special community experience? Upon leaving the ground, frustration and despair soon led to joy and empowerment. Groups of fans had set up their own mini cricket matches outside the stadium, regardless of the rainy drizzle that overcame them.

Australians were playing cricket with Indian fans, passes by would join in for a short period before they left the ground, and the atmosphere that was created was so uplifting. We couldn’t watch the game we wanted to so we had created our own, and it had so much meaning because as a community we had experienced the loss of something together.

The community has a beautiful way of lifting up our spirits. We have to support and trust each other. Our letdowns don’t have to be negative’s, we can turn them into something more positive than we ever originally had.


~ Adam, 2019



  1. What a wonderful, spontaneous experience, thank you for sharing it.

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    1. My pleasure. Thanks for reading!

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  2. Mary Mangee says:

    This is so true. When a community has a natural disaster, humanity comes from far and wide to help. There is still much love in humanity. Never believe the news. Most people are good.

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  3. tiredcrunchy says:

    Love this! Tha is for sharing

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