In a world where we can often get frustrated with what’s happening around us and discouraged when things don’t work out we must learn to be patient. When we try and rush a result just to get the reward it normally doesn’t pay off and in the rare cases where it does, the fulfilment we receive is limited.

Just this weekend when I was on one of my morning runs something out of the ordinary happened. I was away from home because I was holidaying with my family. The route that I was running through was unchartered territory for me, hence I was curious. Surrounded by bushland it was a beautiful sight I had not seen before, it captivated me, but that wasn’t the most exciting part of this run.

When I finally reached the end point, I decided to head back to my accomodation, through the same route I had run on my way there. Only this time, I was stopped by a lady. At this stage, I had sweat pouring from my skin and I was breathing quite heavily. I just wanted to get my run finished with, but this lady had stopped me. I decided to not get frustrated and be patient with her. I thought to myself, maybe she could teach me something that I didn’t yet know – she was older than me and definitely wiser – so I listened and was patient.

She pointed to the sky and said, “look up!” I did not know what I was looking at, it was just a tree to me. She continued, “follow the main branch up and watch where it splits to the right, do you see the koala bear?” I could not find it, my frustration was growing, but I kept on looking, until after about 2 minutes I saw it.

It was so worth it. Back home in the city where I’m from you just don’t see that sort of stuff every day and I almost passed by an opportunity to have an experience I will rarely have again. To me new experiences are what make us grow, as little as they may be. They open our perspective and give us new ways of seeing things. Had I not been patient I would have missed it altogether. This was only something small, but this example demonstrated the concept of patience and it’s reward system really well.

Patience is what allows us to learn from others and this knowledge can keep us on track to achieving our goals. The truth is, if you want to go fast, you should journey alone, but if you want to go far you should journey with others. Lift each other up when you’re down and persevere through struggle. For this, listening patiently to others is key.

Patience is a beautiful thing, and much more powerful than we know.


~ Adam, 2019



  1. jenanita01 says:

    This is why running is not such a good thing. Walking is just as good for you, and you get to see more of the world…

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    1. There’s positives for both running and walking. Yes, that’s correct when you walk you get to see more and it’s not as hard as running, which is great.

      However, running also has it’s benefits too, like releasing endorphins within the brain which help to relieve pain and bring us euphoric feelings. Running also teaches us to face challenging situations that we once thought were more difficult to overcome. This helps us because when we face the challenges of day to day living we have already learned some skills in perseverance and effort. Thanks so much for your insight!

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      1. jenanita01 says:

        At 75, my running days are over, despite the benefits!

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      2. Well that makes sense! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

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