See Chapter 1.0 – Momentum

At any given moment, you have the ability to change your life. The moment you take full accountability of the outcomes of your life you start to take back power – you gain a sense of control over situations. Not control over the outcomes themselves, but control over your response to these outcomes.

Let’s say you fall short of a goal that you wanted to achieve more than anything – but did your actions actually show this? Was there more you could have done?

Maybe you put in tonnes and tonnes of effort only to see your goal still allude you, and you ask ‘why?’ or ‘what more could I have done?’. In these moments it’s easy to feel discouraged, it’s easy to stop and to give up. You might start to get a feeling that you’ve lost the power over your outcomes because the metric you’re measuring yourself against still seems so far out of reach.

When we set goals, they should be bigger than we can currently comprehend because that means they are outside our current limits and they’re definitely going to make us grow into a better person. Put simply, we want our goals to be ‘big, fat and difficult to comprehend’ – even a bit stupendous. However, we need to be mindful of such big goals in the sense where we find it hard to track our progress. How do we know we’re actually getting closer to achieving our goals when they’re so far away?

We want our goals to be ‘big, fat and difficult to comprehend’ – even a bit stupendous.

What’s really important is setting up smaller goals which act as stepping stones or building blocks to something much bigger. This is especially important when our goals seem so hard to comprehend and so far out of reach. It’s in these smaller achievements that we can see ourselves incrementally growing and even when we start to face resistance towards our larger overall goals (the big fat difficult one’s to comprehend) we can knuckle down and keep tacking away at those smaller goals. We stay empowered, we stay in control and we keep our mind focused because we can see something tangible happening.

You gotta think of yourself like an iceberg. The tip above the water is astonishing, but what’s even more astonishing is that massive block of ice under the water that’s normally 4-5 times larger than the little tip that sticks out of the water. That massive piece below the water is made up of those smaller goals, and yes there’s tonnes and tonnes of smaller goals that make up just that little tip. That’s why it’s important to love what you do and enjoy the process because it will serve you along the way.

The power to change your life is in your hands, just make sure to remain present and not look too far ahead. The world will work for you, if you continue to work hard at what you believe is your purpose. Never let what is happening around you be the reason that you don’t achieve what you truly desire.

If there’s something inside you, that you know you should truly do take accountability for achieving it and don’t stress about the time it takes, just keep moving forward no matter how slow that might seem.

You have the power to change your life.


Adam, 2019



  1. neelstoria says:

    Be present, do hard work, take baby steps and accomplish one small goal at a time as you proceed towards building the tip of the iceberg.

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    1. 100% no matter what keep moving forward. Speed is not the most important, persistence is. Persistence against resistance if you like.

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