Sometimes we become anxious for no apparent reason, other times we know the exact cause, but nonetheless it can be difficult to manage in either case. Those rumblings in our stomach can feel all knotted up and out of control and we can even begin to question our own self worth.

Sometimes we get anxious because we know we have made mistakes in the past and we’re afraid of what the repercussions might be in the future. We become suppressed from doing the activities of our day by our anxiety and it limits us. We’re afraid we might make the same mistakes again. We just want to be free and to act without pressure or stress, but our anxiety does not let us. It toys with us, but we can beat it.

It comes down to controlling our thoughts and doing the best we can to redirect them to more positive pursuits – pursuits that drive us and motivate us. We’ve got to want a better future for ourselves and we have to be focused and patient in our pursuits. The minute you feel anxious, accept it and trust your body’s feelings, it’s warning you against something that might be dangerous. Embrace it for what it is and evaluate the situation.

Think about what is actually making you feel so afraid or so anxiously activated. Is it the fear of an encounter with another person? Is it the fear that you might lose a match? Are you afraid people might not like you for who you are or because of your past? Let me tell you a little something, it’s a little sparkle that has helped me out a lot:

If we spend our whole life worrying what other people think of us, we will never truly achieve the mission we were placed on this earth to accomplish

A.M, 2018

I don’t care what mistakes you have made in the past or how voluminous they might seem, you’re loved. We often over-exaggerate our mistakes in our own mind, and we think of them as worse than what they truly are. We all make mistakes, and it’s the bravest kind that can admit to them, can admit defeat and become stronger for losing than they ever would have been if they had won. So props to you for being here and reading this, you’re already halfway on your journey of self-forgiveness.

Self-forgiveness means that we totally and utterly accept the past for what it is, as unchangeable. What’s done is done and what’s to come will come. The difference is, what’s to come has not yet been written, we have a chance to rewrite the history books and to give our mistakes new meaning.

If we can show to ourselves that the past mistakes we have made have transformed us into a person that can now act positively and we never would have been able to without our mistakes, we win and our anxiety starts to dissipate.

We stop feeling the urge to look back at our past and it has extreme results for our future. We begin to learn that the greatest people who have lived were those that picked themselves up after a big fall, courageously pushed their anxiety aside and achieved greatness anyway.

This can be you too. Sit for a while with your anxious thoughts and learn what they are telling you. Reflect on these thoughts then bring yourself back to the present. Start with small goals that will keep you occupied and let them slowly transform you into the person you need to be, without the limits of anxiety.


~ A.M, 2018

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