Life is a beautiful challenge. It can beat us down till we can take no more and it can drive us to glories that we never even imagined. I love life because even when I am hurt, it will save me – when I am afraid love will give me courage. Love is a guiding force – yes it can hurt us, but only for good reason – it will move us away from temporary love and push us towards a wholesome kind of love with longevity and stability.

If I give myself to this world with a loving a grace, nothing I fear can hurt me.

If I give myself to this world with a loving a grace, nothing I fear can hurt me. If my true intentions are honest and open toward the betterment of others and the growth of the community an aura of protective love will surround me. The only time we ever fail is when we don’t try hard enough and when we know we have more to give. But if we do our best to act with a loving attitude and still seem to fall short of the expectations of this world we will not be hurt if we are genuinely in love with life.

We need to realise that things happen for a reason. I don’t necessary believe we have a fate or destiny as humans because the ball is in our court, we always have a free will to respond to whatever happens to us. Things may be destined to happen to us but they are not our fate or destiny, they are just tools. We can respond to these events however we wish. Sometimes we need to look at them seriously, other times jokingly and even carelessly sometimes.

We can only care wholesomely about a few things at time as humans – it’s in our nature. We need to focus on the important things in our life and make these the things we respond to seriously, with definite action. Those things that annoy us and threaten us, we need to look at jokingly and those things that are out of our control, we need to look at carelessly because no matter how seriously we take them, they will never be changed.

So always love life and respond to the important things first with a true genuine passion to make the most of each situation for yourself and others. Be brave and take risks but seriously think about them and be seriously committed to them before you begin.

I love life because it’s challenges are more beautiful than I’ll ever know.

~ Adam, 2019

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