As it happens, one of the most beautiful and spirited times of the year can also be one of the hardest and most challenging for some. Whether spending it without a loved one for the first time, or broken hearted, alienated and alone – it can all be quite difficult. I’m speaking from a vantage point where I’ve been blessed to have never really encountered these feelings in a major sense…but here’s a few things that I’ve done to keep myself level-headed when I felt myself steering off path.

Let Loved Ones Know You Care

It always helps to give a call to an aunty, or a cousin or a friend who we can confide in. There must be someone that comes to mind when you think about the spirit of Christmas, who always brings brightness during this time of year? Gravitate toward them and let them know you appreciate their high spirits.

Invest in activities that they love to do at this time and learn how they keep their spirits so high. Maybe they have faced challenges you know nothing about and it is likely you can learn from them. I think it’s true that a lot of the most compassionate and happy people have faced difficult circumstances that have changed them to the point that their perspective has shifted their values to more positive things.

Believe In The Magic Of Christmas

The magic of Christmas is something so special, it cannot be seen. There’s a spirit lurking in every individual that has a desire to feel appreciated, but not selfishly. Something about Christmas time brings out the best in people.

I honestly believe that Christmas time can solve a lot of problems. It’s an interesting thought. You’ve had an argument with someone or haven’t spoken to someone in a while that you want to rekindle with, Christmas is the most beautiful time to do that. Send them a card or a message with honesty and integrity – let the healing begin. The fact that Christmas is so heavily placed around family (whatever that may mean to you) brings a lot of emotion to people – emotion to strengthen bonds with those we had neglected in the past. So when you think a matter is dead and buried trust in the magic of Christmas.

Spend Time With Those That Matter To You

If family is important to you, stay in their presence as much as you can. Sometimes families can become quite frustrating places to be, but test yourself and challenge yourself to remain around your family as much as possible, even when they make you mad sometimes. The ability to solve these issues will develop a growth mindset – one that shows, despite what’s happening to the family as a larger unit, there are still beautiful silver-linings that can come out of appreciating each-others flaws as well as each others strengths. 

We need to lean on each other at different stages of life so always try to be present. I guarantee that if you spend the time around your loved ones when they are at their worst, then they will do the same for you. You never should expect it, but be settled in that fact.

Give To Others Out Of Love

There is nothing more beautiful than giving freely, I truly mean it. Mother Theresa said, “Not all of us can do great things.  But we can do small things with great love.” What a beautiful way to put it. We all have it within us to be loving individuals, that’s the only thing that unites us. We don’t need to be super talented or gifted to do it and it doesn’t cost us anything, so why not give love limitlessly? Is it the fact that you may not receive the same in return? That’s not important.

Trust me on this one, if you truly give from the heart there is this beautiful feeling that you get. When your actions are aligned with your compassionate intentions. The ability to give to others is the greatest gift you can receive. Ever felt that little tickle in your heart when you do something good and you’re proud of yourself? That’s the fruits of love, and we should always seek it.

Have a blessed Christmas,

~ A.M, 2018


  1. Mary Mangee says:

    Beautiful wsys to navigate the holidays. Thank you for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Always my pleasure Mary. Thanks for reading and glad it helped 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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