We are all made in God’s likeness. He shines through us in so many ways we can’t even begin to imagine. We are unique individuals, but at the same time this individuality unites us, as we see that each person has a role to play in the prosperity of civilisation. The strong stand up for the weak, but the weak teach the strong caution, they’re more vulnerable and sensitive to danger.

The strong and the weak rely on each other for safety and for survival. So let us not view strong as ‘positive’ and weak as ‘negative’ because this is truly not the case. Each are mutually dependent conditions that drive off each other to enable us to achieve a greater understanding as a group rather than if we were to remain as individuals.

It’s important to know that even if we view our personal characteristics (like our physical size or IQ) as negative – they are truly not, because they have a vital role to play in the future adaptation of the human species – they’re naturally prevalent and for good cause.

Whilst happiness gives us satisfaction and faith gives us hope – sadness teaches us about honouring where we have been (our past) so that we can welcome what comes next and anger teaches us to react and be alert to danger (when managed correctly).

We bear all characteristics in some form, but some more than others and we all have our unique composition of them – that’s what makes us special. So the minute you think you have nothing to offer to the world or to society, take a look within. Think about the most intense feelings that most commonly shine through in your life, maybe it’s your anger or maybe you’re a bit greedy. This does not mean you are a bad person, it just means you have a tendency towards those characteristics and you must control them in manner that will serve you rather than hinder you.

Greed means you want to constantly attain what you believe you deserve – but often the negative side of that is you take it from the wrong places – from others. What if you could be greedy about your future but not take anything away from others?

For example, what if instead of feeling entitled to a promotion and jealous of others in higher positions, you worked a bit harder to improve yourself. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more out of yourself (and being a bit greedy about your growth), growth is an important pathway to fulfilment.

In summary, your expectations should never exceed your effort. You should never expect more than you’re willing to work for. When you want more, look within and challenge yourself. These are the little shifts you have to make once you have identified who you are. Who we are is a gift!

What if we used our natural tendency to anger to stand up against the persecution of others?

What if we used our frustration at the ignorance of others to spur us on to sharing a clearer message so that they would understand?

See, what we have to do is not to change who we are because who we are is our gift. What we must do with our gifts is identify them, tear back the negative components and channel them into something more positive – something that has more meaning.

You probably realise that a lot of the most successful people were obsessive in a lot of areas in their life, but they chose to make them positive things. They did not obsess about their past failures, or drugs or money – they were obsessed by the pursuit of making themselves the best they could possibly be at whatever they chose to pursue.

So find out who you are by reflecting on it and make the changes necessary to be a better contributor to humanity’s growth.


~ A.M, 2018

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