Maybe there’s stuff you don’t want to do, but you know that it’s good for you in the long run. Like exercising or budgeting or reading or cleaning, some stuff just sucks, and I get it. We feel like the effort we put into these challenging things may not yield immediate results, and that is often true. But what we can be sure of is that any situation we face or any circumstance we find ourselves in that challenges us will ultimately result in some form of growth.

Any situation we face or any circumstance we find ourselves in that challenges us will ultimately result in some form of growth.

Even if doing these tasks does not yield the desired goal you had from the beginning, it is likely that the effort you have put towards it will redirect you to see opportunities to achieve that you could have never imagined if you didn’t attack that original goal with all your heart from the beginning.

Maybe you have your heart set on travelling the world, and for that you have to budget. You make tough sacrifices for years to put enough money away so that when the opportunity comes and you have the time you can pursue your desire to travel. However, what happens if things change in that time, you start a relationship and you have a child, what happens then? You’ve got all this money put away that was to be used for travelling, but now you need to buy a car, a house and basic necessities for your child.

Maybe you realise that your goals to travel were not your greatest ambition all along, but it was to raise a family in a happy home – and now that opportunity exists.

Remarkably, you probably would have never gotten to buy your own home if you never stuck out the hard work to achieve your original goal.

See how beautiful the world is? We can choose the direction we think we want to go and pursue it with all our heart, and if over time our purpose changes and our circumstances changes, our perspective can change too and the world will redirect us to what is most important and most valuable in our hearts. And all that hard work that was put towards a different goal is not wasted, but is beautifully renewed in a new opportunity and supports a different goal which we likely would have never even dreamed of achieving if our first goal didn’t exist.

So with that said, the truth is we must pick something that we think is our ambition even if we don’t truly know and work at it with all our heart because in the end the world will redirect us to what is truly important and our earlier goals will support future goals we presently know nothing about.


~ A.M, 2018



  1. I need to take this one to heart!


    1. Yes, it’s a valuable lesson. We often spend so much time stressing if we are doing the right thing or pursuing the right direction, but none of this time is ever wasted if we have positive intentions and are fully invested. #KeepStriving

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      1. Exactly, thank you so much for sharing this with us!


  2. Hard work is the key to anything truly great in life.


    1. That’s exactly right! And your passions will find you. #KeepStriving !!

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