Often times we miss out on the most beautiful things in life because we only want to work at our goals when it seems easy. What we forget to realise is that the most progress toward our goals comes during times of struggle – comes when we courageously face situations we once thought impossible to overcome and we overcome them. It opens up our mind to possibility.

Many a time we will turn off the alarm and sleep in a little longer because it’s ‘too cold’ or we’re ‘too tired’ (I’ve done that plenty of times before). In reality we would have never set that alarm in the first place if we didn’t even in the slightest believe that there was something for us to achieve that morning. By turning that alarm off while under the influence of sleep inducing hormones, such as melatonin we forfeit the thoughts we had the night before, thoughts that we had generated in a more stable and valid state of mind – thoughts that were more trustworthy and honest in principle.

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We can plan and plan and plan, but if there is no action, there is no outcome.

The truth is, we can plan and plan and plan, but if there is no action, there is no outcome. If we fail to employ our plan during the crunch time, we lose that opportunity we had expected ourselves to take and we must now go back to our plans and rewrite them for a future point in time.

Our goals will remain the same, but it is when we complete them that we will begin to experience change. The way I see it, the earlier you start breaking out of negative patterns that hinder your growth and goal achievement the better. You will live a better quality life because you will sense your own progress and you will start to see opportunities open up to you that were once never possible in your undisciplined past.

The same principle applies to any achievement you seek. First you must define what you perceive success as, you must write a plan following thorough research as to how you will progress towards your view of success – and finally, you must stick to your plans at all costs, you must persevere with an attitude that is ruthless, yet controlled.

I leave the rest with you. You may be stuck or in a rut, that’s okay – it happens to the best of us. But if you try just one thing, let it be this…

Seek for a little while to put yourself in the uncomfortable situations that you would normally avoid. This could include things such as; opening up to your family on matters you would like to share, but feared OR waking up early each morning to run because you want to lose weight, improve your fitness and reduce anxiety about your health.

Choose the problem that is worrying you the most and weighing you down the most. Chances are, if you lift that stone the others will lift almost half as easily. Get things done even when you don’t want to.

~ Adam M, 2018



  1. I needed to hear this!


    1. More than welcome! Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

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