Taking responsibility for our actions is often quite hard when we know there can be consequences. We are afraid that being open and honest will place us in a position of weakness, but this is not true. An inspiration of mine, Jocko Willink said this quite well, “It can hurt your ego and your pride to take the blame, however to maintain integrity as a leader you have to take responsibility and control your ego so that your ego does not control you.” We must realise that the key to our growth lies in our perspective of the situation.

I believe when we take full ownership for our failures we actually become more powerful than we once were. There is nothing or no body that can add to the blame we have already received, and this makes an impression on those around us. Our actions start to empower others to take responsibility of their mistakes too, and we develop a kind of cycle that rids our personal networks of insecurity and blame.

“When a team takes ownership of its problems – the problems get solved”

This is true in all our pursuits and I believe a lack of accountability is the reason that so many people struggle to overcome difficult obstacles in their lives. Willink said, “Don’t hide your delicate pride from the truth.”

“Take ownership of your mistakes, of your short-falls, of your problems and of the solutions that will get those problems solved.”

Here is the full presentation made by Jocko Willink


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