The balance of effort, experience and natural talent is often underestimated in life. Sometimes we try our best to succeed but we still don’t see the results we desire in the places we want them. Whether that be starting out that new business and hoping it can take off or something like getting that promotion or new job you have wanted for a while.

All successful people have something alike – they have the correct balance of effort and experience, which lets their natural talents shine through.

They have developed patterns of consistency that ensure they are always on track with their goals and aspirations. The realisation that most successful people have is that without consistently working hard and putting themselves in challenging situations where they can gain experience, their natural talents are powerless.

Think about all the talented athletes or gifted students who have given away their futures because they were simply too afraid or distracted to train or to study and be disciplined. Being disciplined can be quite painful, but it is this same pain that can drive us on to greater things. We must learn to embrace the pain that comes with self discipline. Take the following example:

A young businesswoman has big visions of growing her fashion business to something more than a casual side job. She has ambitions to support her living on the income of her business. She has been skilled at designing from a young age and has the seeds to succeed planted in her. There’s two major paths she could take:

1. She could choose to sacrifice some social time for the betterment of her business.

2. She could continue to be socially active beyond her limits and be unable to keep up with the needs of her business.

After considering this example, you might be thinking to yourself, “why should I sacrifice the things I enjoy (being social) merely for my business to succeed?”

At the end of the day it all comes down to you and your own ambitions. If you have enough desire to succeed then these short-term challenges will not bother you. You will realise that you can still be social, just not as often as you currently are. However, be careful not to fall into the trap of being too invested in your business or goal that you neglect your relationships entirely, but realise that in order to gain the best out of your natural talents you must set aside periods of your life – maybe a month or two at a time where you really hone in on your skills. These should be periods of maximum effort where you focus solely on your improvement – avoiding any distraction that might throw you off course. These periods will provide you with invaluable experience about how to get the best out of yourself. These periods will be tough but the pain that comes from these periods of growth is a must if you have any ambition to explore the potential of your talents.

We all have talents and skills within us and it is not selfish to occasionally take periods of self-work time to craft and perfect our skills.

~ The Mind Connectory, 2018

Being disciplined can be quite painful, but it is this pain that can drive us on to greater things ~ The Mind Connectory



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    This is good for many to read.

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  2. These points are absolutely true. It’s wonderful to flow in the moment, but at some point we have to ask ourselves, “What do I want to accomplish? What legacy do I want to leave?” It is at that point that we start setting goals and disciplining ourselves to structure the flow of our life towards outcomes that most reflect us. Thank you so much for this opportunity to reflect.

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    1. That’s exactly right, and often that moment when we decide what it is we want to accomplish comes from an unexpected setback which forces a change in our perspective. I’m glad you reflected so well 🙂

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  3. Thank you so much for this positive post! May you be blessed!


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